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SpellingCity provides the repeated practice and multiple exposure proven to help kids learn new spelling words and remember them long-term! Better yet, kids are having fun while they learn!

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Play and Learn
Play the game using your words

Just 10 Minutes a Day Provides:

  • Homework Help & Homeschool Enrichment:
    • Better Grades on Spelling Tests
    • Improved Reading Ability
    • Immediate Feedback
  • Improve Reading thanks to:
    • Better Word Recognition
    • Higher Vocabulary Retention
    • Increased Reading Comprehension

Benefits of Joining

  • 40+ Skill Practice Activities
  • Detailed Progress Report
  • Independent Study & Self-Testing
  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Ad Free

What Parents are Saying

“Both our children and their classes use SpellingCity for the assignments. My children have made 100 percent improvement in their spelling since using it.”

– Kimberly D., North Carolina

Make Studying Fun
Read, Hear, Speak, Write, Break Down, & Play With Words

  • Over 40 Premium learning games & activities
  • Word lists for every subject & grade level
  • Practice for homework & enrichment
  • Boost confidence & reading comprehension
  • Independent practice
  • Easy parent set-up
  • Ideal for English Language Learners
  • Helpful for special needs students

We are an Award-Winning Website

Spelling Activities

Promote Reading Growth
Help Close Your Child’s Reading Gap

Weekly Word Play

Build confidence on weekly quizzes

Review Lists

Remember previously learned words

Over 40 Learning Activities

Engage all senses to learn

Grade-Level Lists

Build appropriate academic word knowledge

Word Lists for Every Subject

Read & write like a scientist, historian, mathematician

Plug & Play Word Study Playlists

Additional practice to reinforce word knowledge

Don’t Let Your Child Slip Behind

About Us

VocabularySpellingCity is an award-winning, game-based website and app used to build K-12 literacy skills in vocabulary, spelling, phonics, and writing. Educators and families can customize more than 40 engaging activities for students at every learning level, creating their own word lists or using thousands on the site.